Bridesmaid Earrings: Same Style Available in Pierced and Clip

Published: 12th August 2010
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Finding that perfect gift for your bridesmaids can be a tough feat. One of the most popular options is to gift them with something they can wear on your special day. It is important for everyone to have similar looks so that the attention remains on the bride. Gifting your maid of honor and your bridesmaids with sparkling earrings or necklaces to wear allows for easy coordination of differing styles. A new, popular trend is clip on earrings for bridesmaids. You aren't guaranteed to have a bridal party full of pierced ears, so choosing a clip earring is your best bet to making sure everyone is accommodated.

You can buy fancy clip earrings in all the same styles, colors and looks as their pierced counterparts. If your wedding is a formal and traditional affair, go with a classic, traditional pearl. If your special day is all about fun and nontraditional, then a great option would be a faux diamond dangle clip earring.

A clip pearl earring is always a safe and classic choice for bridesmaids. A traditional pearl adds a touch of simplicity and elegance. The best part of a clip pearl earrings is that you can't even tell they're not for pierced ears. Many clips are very discreet while providing maximum comfort. You also don't have to worry about your earrings falling off, like you might with some pierced varieties. You can go with a very simplistic pearl stud or a more elaborate pearl and faux diamond dangle. Either way, you are guaranteed a beautiful, elegant looking bridal party.

For the nontraditional and modern wedding, your bridesmaids will love a sparkly, gold clip earring. There are many options for fun, yet tasteful earrings. Something dripping in pave faux diamonds or sprinkled with colored stones would be a great way to inject more color into your day. Slightly geometric, half-hoop looks also provide a shine and unexpected angular shape.

Clip jewellery provides a great look for your bridesmaids and provides for a consistent look. Pearl, dangle, pave diamonds, these are all perfect choices for your special day.

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